Project: 1926 Map of U.S. Highways, Digital Restoration

I came across this great 1926 map of the original Numbered U.S. Highway System via an article on CityLab. As I looked, I began to see that while the quality of the scan was good, and the content of the map was fascinating, the map itself was in a pretty sorry state — so I decided to digitally restore it.

Festival Map - Header

Project: 2015 Sydney Festival Route Map

If you’ve ever been to Sydney in January, then you’ll know that the Sydney Festival is a big deal. Running for almost the entire month, it brings together the very best in the arts from around Australia and the world – music, dance, performance and more. So I was more than a little bit excited when I was commissioned to produce this thematic “route map” of highlighted events, to be used both online and in the Festival’s printed program/brochure.

M-Line Header

Project: McKinney Avenue Trolley Map (Dallas, Texas)

Here’s a small project that was inspired by a message to my Transit Maps blog about the currently existing map for the McKinney Avenue heritage trolley line in Dallas, Texas. However, rather than review and criticise a map produced for a non-profit organisation (most likely by a volunteer or staff in their spare time), I thought that I would create a new, accurate, more user-friendly map instead.

Mount Adams

Mount Adams

A beautiful dusk view of Mount Adams taken from Tahklahk Lake in Washington state. My trusty 6x neutral density filter allowed me to extend the exposure out to a full 30 seconds for some lovely, rich colours and a beautiful reflection.

St Johns Bridge II

St. Johns Bridge

A combination of a perfect gradient sky and some lovely light trails from traffic on the extremely photogenic) bridge through the 30-second exposure make this one of my favourite photos ever.

Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant

I don’t do a lot of candid/street photography: it’s a very difficult discipline that requires quick thinking and flexibility. I prefer to take my time composing my shot and thinking about how different apertures, shutter speeds and focal lengths affects the final photo. However, when this flight attendant stepped into my otherwise empty abstract architectural shot, the opportunity was too good to miss.