Store Temporarily Closed

You may have noticed that the store isn’t working at the moment: while you can view products and see prices, there’s no way to add an item to a cart or checkout. Unfortunately, it’s probably going to be like this for a while. The large-format… Read more

New Orleans Letters

Download: New Orleans Letter Tiles Artwork

Way back in 2009, I created a corporate identity for the New Orleans Tile Company, basing the logo’s letterforms off photographs of the beautiful blue-and-yellow 1920s ceramic tiles that can still be found spelling out street names around the city today. Over the years, I have received quite a few requests for my artwork from people working on other New Orleans-related typography projects, so here it is to download.

On Digitally Restoring Vintage Maps

Restoring the vintage transit maps that I’m now selling in my store is a laborious, time-intensive task, but I think that it’s definitely worth it in the end. The major task is getting rid of blemishes: age spots, ink smears, tears, creases, dirt, dust, and even hair or other fibres that are between the print and the scanning surface. Here’s how I go about things!


Collections on Society6

In addition to the maps that I sell in my own online store, I also sell prints (and other products like phone and laptop cases) via the print-on-demand service, Society6. One problem with Society6 to date has been making all the photos I have there easily accessible. So it’s with some relief that I note that Society6 has finally implemented “Collections”which at least allows me to group my photos thematically and provide links to them.