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1988 Amsterdam Public Transport Map by Hans van der Kooi

Amsterdam Transit Map 1988

A high resolution scan (4325 × 4653px) of the beautiful multi-modal Amsterdam transit map designed by Hans van der Kooi in 1988. Simply click on the image above to view the full-size scan (6MB JPG).

The image was generously supplied to me by Alain Lemaire as four separate scans from his personal collection (the original map was too big to be scanned all at once, it seems). I’ve combined the four scans into one image using Photoshop, followed by some minor colour correction to boost the contrast in the scans a little. However, there is a small slice missing between the north-east and south-east quadrants due to the original scans not quite aligning. Not the end of the world!

See this post on the Transit Maps blog for further information.


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