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Weet-Bix Cricket Cards

Client: Sanitarium Health Foods, Australia
Type of Work: Promotional cricket trading cards
Software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Sanitarium Weet-Bix are Australia’s most popular breakfast cereal, and they have a long history of including collectible trading cards in their cereal boxes. Designed for the 2002–2003 cricket season, this set of cards drew on the rich heritage of Australian cricket—the legends of yesteryear, the heroes of the current day and the up-and-coming future stars—and was Sanitarium’s most ambitious project of this type to date.

I designed all 30 of the double-sided cards (60 players in total, with four different designs reflecting the different “eras”), including selecting the images from the Getty Images stock library, deep-etching all the photographs to fit the design and colour correction where required. I also collated and double-checked all the statistics shown on the cards and attended press-checks for the printing.

See also the collector’s album that I designed for housing these cards.


  1. Ray Stevens

    In this set I have two cards with different images of Bill Brown
    1 walking out to bat and the other is a head shot.
    Both are on the back of Greg Blewett card ?????????????????????

    • Yep, that was an error made in the first print run. One of the image files supplied to us was labelled incorrectly: the headshot is actually Bill Woodfull, not Bill Brown. We found out when someone wrote in telling us about the error and the correct Bill Brown image was hastily printed. So you’ve got a bit of a rarity there!

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