1. Dave

    It’s very interesting…I like the simplicity of the interchange stations and the removal of the ‘big dots’ for the terminal stations. I’m not sure if I’m a big fan of the east (righthand) side of the green going straight up. I know it’s a ‘diagram’ but still. Also small typo, “Fabre” and not “Fabry”.

  2. Will

    It’s really odd to see Place-Saint-Henri so far to the north of Lionel-Groulx. I travel between those stations frequently and often walk to save the line change. It feels more or less a straight line east-west (in Montreal’s angled directions). Oddly, I never noticed this on the official map. It seems somehow emphasized here.

    Picky comment aside, this is actually quite beautiful! I’m beginning a project to design a map for my hypothetical/idealized Montreal tram network. Seeing that the black background can work well on non-official maps is quite assuring.

    Quick question: Did you preserve/reinstate the 37.5 degree angle? Looks like 🙂

    • I rounded it down to 35 degrees, but yes, it’s back in this version. I guess Place-St Henri is further “north” because I wanted the AMT line through Vendome to be perfectly straight/horizontal, so I had to tweak the positioning of the stations to suit.

  3. Great redesign! I lived in Montreal for several years and loved their transit system, as well as their transit iconography. I notice you omitted any geographical references, in the vein of a diagram rather than a map. I also like the inclusion of the numbers, which today serve more as trivia than identifiers. Maybe it will get people asking what ever happened to Ligne 3!

  4. Bertha Fox-Dominguez

    Magnifique! Just two comments…

    1. Why display line numbers? I’ve lived here for eight years and have never seen or heard the STM or its riders reference them.

    2. Typo: Mont-Royal station (not Mont-Royale)

    • The line numbers are actually official, though seldom used at the moment. I’ve added them to aid colour-blind users: the Green and Orange lines look very visually similar to such users and the official map doesn’t give any hints as to which is which (It only uses coloured disks to identify lines). Thanks for the typo spot; that’s been fixed now.

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