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Project: Redrawing the London Tube Map

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Click here to view a larger version of the map Or here for an alternate version with proper accessibility icons

See also: More design notes on the map, and showing out-of-station interchanges

London’s Underground Diagram (or “Tube Map”) has long been regarded as an icon of informational design, pioneering the way for just about every other schematic transportation map in the world since its inception way back in 1931. But how much of that reputation is actually deserved these days?

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New Side Project: Transit Maps Tumblr

Well, it had to happen. I’ve set up a new Tumblr where I discuss, critique and celebrate transit maps from around the world – be they official or unofficial, fantasy or real, from the past, present or future. I’ve already got a great selection up and there’s a lot more to come. Head on over to take a look, and follow me or reblog my stuff  if you like what you see!

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New Moscow Metro Diagram

Words cannot express how much I love this redesign of the Moscow Metro diagram. It’s clean, stylish, informational and gorgeous. The repetition of the famous Circle Line at interchange stations is particularly nice.

Do yourself a favour and visit the design studio’s site for a closer look. The “Process” tab is especially worthwhile, as they run through the decisions that led to the final version in great detail. Also note that this took four years of work to get to this stage!

If you find this post interesting, then you’d probably like my Transit Maps blog, where I analyse and discuss transit maps from around the world: past, present or future, real or fantasy. Click here to take a look!